Hi There


I'm Tomer Steinfeld and I'm a Web Developer, Writer and Daydreamer

Me saying hi!

I’m 29 years old, from Israel.

I started programming since even before I knew English, mostly by copy-pasting. Since then it became a passion of mine, and now 20 years later I’ve made this my profession.
Currently I'm leading the development of Selenium IDE, you can also check out my GitHub page.

Other than that I dream of my own stories, and hope to put them in writing some day.

Life as a Developer

me working hard

I started out when I was in 4th grade, tried to understand how the web worked by viewing the source on a Firefox that didn’t have any tabs at the time.

Later on I wanted to “make” games, so I learnt Java in order to contribute to private MapleStory servers. Sadly Java 6 wasn’t my cup of tea, but still wanted to stay in the scene I moved to PHP.

In highschool I was looking for the next thing, the iPhone. I begged my Mom to buy me a MacBook, and it immediately became my passion.

After I joined IDF I couldn’t practice it anymore, so I turned back to web development.

Things I'm Responsible For

Minimalist Stocks App

Shows stocks in a nicer and minimal manner

Blich High School

Test schedules and Timetables for my fellow students


Web App that indexes and searches in documents

Wanna Chat?

Great me too! we can catch up on Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn or you could just email me

me being a superhero

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